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Blaze N' Star
Blaze N’ Star | Episode 1: The Importance of Reproduction
This video was designed to introduce the importance of reproduction in dairy cattle. Cows that do not become pregnant within the first 200 days in milk have a greater chance of either being replaced or having reduced lifetime milk production. Lactating dairy cows have reduced chances for pregnancy compared to when they were virgin heifers. Fertility programs are available for dairy cows to increase chances of pregnancy to first artificial insemination thus increasing the chances of remaining in the herd.Contains mature discussions involving reproductive processes in cattle.ALL EPISODES NOW AVAILABLE!

Controlling follicle and CL development in ovaries of dairy cows 3D animations and ultrasound videos of ovaries on each day of the estrous cycle in lactating dairy cows
fertility_programs_thumbnail 1st AI fertility programs for lactating dairy cows 3D animation of how fertility programs manipulate follicle and CL development in ovaries of cows and printable calendars of 1st AI programs
FERTILITY PROGRAM PICTURE Strategies to re-inseminate cows diagnosed not-pregnant Printable calendars and ultrasound videos of ovaries during treatment
ultrasound-thumb Embryonic development Ultrasound videos of embryonic/fetal development from 29 to 75 days of gestation